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When a business has been just launched or is under the development process, it is necessary to decide at a certain point, whether you will store your data outside of the company or within it. From the security point of view, this decision is relatively easy – if company data are in question, they should stay in the company. However, in order to ensure your own network does not betray you or slow your development, you need the right tool.

Many companies rely on their own capacities and purchase hardware on their own, while the price plays the crucial role. Nevertheless, it is needed to realise the appropriate hardware will save you a lot of problems and money in the future. It does not make sense to invest in oversized or undersized infrastructure. What is important for the infrastructure is to be scalable, which means it can adjust to your company’s needs. It should never be vice versa.

What we offer is not only analysis of what you really need, but also delivery of reliable devices made by reputable producers while putting emphasis mainly on security of your data. All this is done in a way you barely notice you have any hardware at all, because it will provide you with such performance you currently need.

All components of your network are chosen having regard to maximum security. They are combined appropriately with hardware or software security solutions. Therefore, you can always be sure your data are saved in a place only you have access to. 

Why to choose us?


We have been on the market since 2008 and our credibility can be approved by partnership with prominent companies in the field of IT and mostly by lots of satisfied customers who use our services. We are not freshmen. Our team knows what your IT infrastructure needs and we will be happy to provide it to you. Our quality is also reflected in certification of the management systems according to the ISO 9 001 standard.

Professional attitude

Your data should not be protected by inexperienced people. Therefore, ask for a professional partner. Our rich experience is attested by trainings which our employees attend on a regular basis so that they can give you adequate advice and ensure fluent running of your infrastructure. We are owners of the 27 001 certification, which means your data are secured.


We do not offer you unnecessary solution just to earn money at your expense. Our purpose is not to impose a robust solution you will be using at the minimum level. However, this does not mean we do not take structure design seriously. We also consider possible plans of your company’s development. Your satisfaction and data security are our main priority.


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